Picasso’s Mandolin and Guitar (1924)

The “hidden” Medusa-like face in this still-life by Picasso is so obvious with its sound-hole "eyes" and bared "teeth" under the table that it is amazing experts never mention it. Indeed I sometimes wonder whether they do see it but dare not mention it for fear of derision from colleagues. Why experts would berate others who see such images in images is beyond me but they do, often with the comment that "you can see what you want to." You have no need to worry about that so enjoy finding others like it: there are hundreds more in Picasso’s work alone and they all have meaning. Here the Medusa-like snarl is the creative monster inside Picasso's own mind and the sound-hole "eyes" are the music of his poetry.

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Picasso, Mandolin and Guitar (1924)

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