26 Jul 2010

Why do Serious Art Books Fail to Sell?

The major museums nowadays are like zoos, each year becoming more and more crowded. The trend is so strong that, despite a rise in entry fees and a deep recession, there was a significant increase in museum visitors last year. Yet though art itself has never been so popular, serious books on...

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23 Jul 2010

Re-thinking support

Think about this......In the San culture of Southern Africa the rock on which their images are created is thought of as a threshold to the spirit world. It is more than likely that the Neolithic painters of Europe thought so too, as David Lewis-Williams convincingly argued in his remarkable...

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22 Jul 2010

Don’t you find it odd that….?

Don’t you find it odd that, according to the conventional paradigm, a visual artist active between the Renaissance and 1900 had only two choices? He or she could either illustrate a story (biblical, historical, literary etc.) or copy nature (portraits, landscapes, still-lifes).

We are often...

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02 May 2010

Letters in the Art of All Periods

In this painting of St Jerome by Antonio da Fabriano (active mid-15th-century) the biblical translator is not only writing letters; he is one. He's the artist's initial. His triangular form crossed by the edge of the table-top describes a large A for Antonio.

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