04 Dec 2011

Interpretation and Art

Gnosticism was a word coined in the seventeenth century to encompass those early Christian traditions that did not take Jesus’ words at face value and were often deemed heretical by the establishment Church. Many early Christians searched for gnosis, or Wisdom, which was just another way of...

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21 Nov 2010 | 2 Comments

Basquiat in Paris

Basquiat at the Musée de L’Art Moderne in Paris is well worth seeing for anyone who wants to come to grips with this difficult artist. It is amazing to see how much one man can produce in a short time, especially if one considers that what’s on show must be only a small fraction of what he...

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01 Nov 2010

Basquiat as Boone as Warhol

I just finished writing an entry on Jean-Michel Basquiat's strange portrait of Mary Boone when I realized I had missed something. It's an example of, no matter how much you see in truly poetic art, there is always something more. In this case, I had noted that Basquiat presents himself as a...

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