25 Jul 2011

“.....And that impact is him.”

A user kindly sent me a link to William Feaver's appreciation of his long friendship with Lucian Freud which appeared in a UK newspaper yesterday. You can read the full article at The Guardian but here are a couple of excerpts:

"There was nothing monstrous lurking in his [Freud's] private...

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09 Dec 2010

Exit the King

Anyone wondering why artists represent themselves as kings – why Fouquet painted himself in 1450 as Charles VII or Ingres as Napoleon or even Lucian Freud as Queen Elizabeth II - might like to read Eugène Ionesco’s play, Exit the King. It does not take long except that….the last hour of the...

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31 Oct 2010

Analyzing Freud and the Queen

Britain's press went nuts when Lucian Freud gave the Queen a tiny portrait of herself, just 9" x 6", and notably ugly at that. She had spent hours posing for him over 19 months. She could not have been amused. Now we reveal on the site, for the first time, the reasons why Freud asked to paint...

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