04 Nov 2015 | 2 Comments

Giacometti Paints Himself (1966 Video)

In a 1966 video (link below) Alberto Giacometti paints a portrait of Ernst Scheidegger, a Swiss photographer. We see how carefully and precisely he builds up the geometric structure of a face. What caught my attention, though, not knowing German, was the English transcript of the dialogue. In...

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13 May 2014

Giacometti on his Sitters’ Inner Being

So much of the poetic method in art remains a closely-held secret. Like initiates in a mystery religion, great artists have long had a common understanding that what they prize in their creative process should not be shared with the unappreciative masses or their visually-handicapped patrons....

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18 Nov 2013

Giacometti’s Visual Illusion Blows My Mind

Yesterday, after posting the entry on Giacometti’s Self-portrait with Brush (above), I saw something astonishing. It's a good reminder that even when you think you understand, there's still more to know. And it comes with perserverance and the right approach. The more you look, the more you...

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03 Dec 2010

Giacometti in New York

If you are in Manhattan for the Christmas shopping season and need a few minutes' peace, pop on over to the Eykyn Maclean Gallery at East 67th Street where a small but magnificent collection of Giacometti drawings and sculptures are on display. The provenance of the sixty or more items, coming...

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