04 Mar 2012

Advertising Art

Two prints by different artists,  both American admittedly but more than thirty years apart, were in the same auction this week (top and bottom)1 using the same “hint” – for want of a better term – that the actual subject of the image is self-referential despite appearances.

In Childe...

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04 Oct 2011

John Sloan and his Ashcan Paintings

I mentioned a month ago that I would be reviewing Michael Lobel’s article in the Art Bulletin on John Sloan, the Ashcan artist of early twentieth-century New York.1 In it he looks at half a dozen works by Sloan between 1907 and 1910 to demonstrate that however realistic the street scenes...

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02 Sep 2011

Art Bulletin’s Bumper Issue

This month’s Art Bulletin, the magazine of the U.S. College Art Association, is a bumper issue as far as we are all concerned. One article by Michael Lobel reveals how John Sloan, a member of the Ashcan School in early twentieth-century America, posed figures in his street scenes as artists...

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