10 Aug 2015

Eye-Opening: Michelangelo, Goya and Pixar’s Inside Out

Don’t get misled by Pixar's new Inside Out. It's not for children. It’s an animated film so obviously based on the paradigm of Western art that it demonstrates what EPPH has often argued: that ever since the 1940’s many, if not most, successful Hollywood films have been made according to...

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28 Sep 2013

How Manet and other artists shoot their paintings

Have you ever shot your mother? Directors shoot movies and nearly everyone has made a snap-shot with a camera but few imagine that artists shoot paintings. In fact they have shot nearly every canvas with a gun in it since the devilish implements were invented. The Irish poet Seamus Heaney...

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21 May 2013

Plays on the Mind

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Richard Foreman, an experimental playwright for more than four decades "has presided over heady spectacles that mingle the conventions of theater with ... stroboscopic stage sets designed as embodiments of the working mind [my italics.]" In his...

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11 Apr 2012 | 2 Comments

Words on Words and Songs on Sound

My beat is art history and I’ve spent15 years reading nothing but non-fiction loosely or closely related to art.  My knowledge of contemporary literature  is tenuous at best; my familiarity with music worse but I have a belief based on truly profound levels of ignorance that something...

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01 Mar 2012

Oscars and Art 2012

Did you notice how so many of the Oscar nominations for Best Picture were movies about movies, including the winner The Artist? For those living in caves this winter, The Artist is a mostly silent film about a silent star unable to make the transition to talkies. Hugo revolves around the early...

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31 Jan 2012

Hollywood and the Man Within My Head

I’m always intrigued on perusing The Times Book Review by how many articles explain the object of their study in terms similar to those used here. It is no coincidence, of course. Every painter paints himself and all it entails is probably the underlying preconception of art in any medium, not...

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05 Jun 2011

Woody Allen’s a Great Master

I've just seen Woody Allen's latest film, Midnight in Paris. Spot on. Exactly as we explain great masterpieces. It's about an American writer, clearly Woody's alter ego, who gets lost in his own imagination. A car from the 1910's picks him up in 2011 and takes him to dinner with Hemingway,...

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27 Apr 2011

Ratatouille and the Great Masters (of all genders)

What do Raphael’s La Fornarina and Ratatouille have in common? Much more than you might think, their superficial differences disguising their fundamental similarity. The idea that significant art depicts a moment of its own making within the mind of the artist is central to this website because...

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