25 Mar 2012

Quotation of the Week #7

Edward R. Murrow, the famous American radio and TV journalist, did not
have great portraits in mind when he said:

“The obscure we see eventually.The completely obvious,
  it seems, takes longer.”

03 Dec 2011

The Renaissance Portrait from Donatello to Bellini #4

This one is a complete head-scratcher. It's a little after the Renaissance, obviously, but not long after. Why no specialist has ever noticed that Rubens' portrayal of the Duke of Buckingham in this oil sketch (left) is identical to his own self-portrait (right) from 15 years earlier is beyond...

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29 Sep 2010

Rubens’ Commander is Rubens

A Rubens was recently sold at Christies described as Portrait of a Commander, three-quarter-length, being dressed for battle though any keen user of this site would recognize the image as Portrait of Rubens as a Commander being painted by two of his assistants (both alter egos of Rubens) in...

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