21 May 2017

Art’s Timelessness

One of the exciting changes that can happen to you with an EPPH perspective is to discover that we all have the ability to see links between very different images. And the ways we do that are so far removed from conventional understanding that the method and its results never cease to surprise....

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10 Mar 2014

Egon Schiele’s Green Belly

There is no such thing as art for art’s sake. It is a contradiction in terms. The early 19th-century art historians could see little beyond narrative so when art started to lose its connection to an apparent subject, they assumed such works were composed for visual effect alone. That, of...

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15 Nov 2013

Can All in Art be One?

If new visitors to EPPH wonder how landscapes, still-lifes, portraits and scenes of battle can all have a single theme, think not whether the wide variety of art can really be a single subject but whether the proposed subject, a view of the soul or self, can result in such variety.


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12 Jul 2011

Introducing Bellini’s “Eyes”

I have recently introduced the argument that a significant number of compositions by Giovanni Bellini are not just representations of the apparent scene but, on another level, are representations of giant “heads”, “faces” or parts of faces, sometimes just “eyes”. They appear to...

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