29 Oct 2012 | 1 Comments

Andy Warhol: The Only Way Out is In!

Here for those familiar with the site is a late print by Andy Warhol. It provides the quotation of the week: "The only way out is in!"

19 Nov 2010

Bronzino’s Ginger Hair

No-one knows how Agnolo di Cosimo gained his nickname, Bronzino, but the general view seems to be, without any evidence, that he may have had a dark complexion. Yet how about the color of his hair? A portrait of Bronzino by an unknown painter shows him with red hair while that in his own...

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01 Nov 2010

Basquiat as Boone as Warhol

I just finished writing an entry on Jean-Michel Basquiat's strange portrait of Mary Boone when I realized I had missed something. It's an example of, no matter how much you see in truly poetic art, there is always something more. In this case, I had noted that Basquiat presents himself as a...

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