What are you?

If you follow EPPH and look at art as we do here, what are you? Art lover is too general and largely meaningless. Anyone can love art, even the seeker of a selfie with the Mona Lisa. You are more serious. You cannot be an art historian because we seek to uncover art’s ahistorical meaning, its universal implications. Nor can you be, in this line of work, an art student because they learn how to paint. Nor are you art critics because you don’t necessarily publish what you think and criticism implies the contemporary scene. Art researcher is not right either. The only valid terms I can think of are little-known, derived from Greek and sound pompous. You know what you are?

You are exegetes (ie., unveiling non-apparent meaning) who also study art's hermeneutics (the principles, in this case, of visual interpretation). Just don’t tell anyone at a party.

Posted 20 Feb 2016: TheoryVisual Perception

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